Ballet Feet

Rosanna Lyons Art
The beauty of flesh, sinews, veins and the landscape of the human form are what excite me.
Curves, heft, intense colour and exaggeration of line….contrasting textures; fabric, water, wood…. against skin……


I use digital photography and my own body to create unusual angles which I then play with in photoshop until I have created something visually interesting to me. I then bring it all together on canvas, keeping the original images secret to all but myself.


Daintree Paper Daintree Paper
At Daintree Paper we pay attention both to who makes our papers and how they get to us. Paper like Lokta, grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, from bark – a renewable resource – helps prevent soil erosion, thus reduces the incidence of flooding in sensitive areas like the Bay of Bengal. Our Indian Cotton paper is also handmade and is made from recycled cotton waste from clothing factories. This paper is sourced directly from small businesses and helps maintain the traditional artisan crafts of making paper. .